Pretty in Pink Punk

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I’m getting ready to head over to the Home Show, but wanted to sneak in a Collabor88 post first. You still have a few days to head over there before the collection changes, and there are some terribly cute home decor items available! I only have time to show a few this month. My partner and I are setting up a new home, and I couldn’t resist decorating my dressing room in a pink punk princess theme. The room makes me happy, and it goes to show that punk-inspired doesn’t have to mean dark or grunge (tho’ there is nothing wrong with that either!)

The Loft – Lux Wall Divider White
The Loft – Lux Ottoman White
Second Spaces – Pretty in Punk chair – pink
PILOT – Studded Lamp [Pink]
floorplan. neon skull / hot pink
Trompe Loeil – Alexi Chase Lounge Punk Standard
~Bazar~ Roya-Fluffy carpet
LAQ Decor ~ Serene Tree & Windmill Home

Cyprus Escape

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I’m so excited to finally get a post up on Home on the Grid again, and what better thing to lead with than the House Hunt, one of my favorite events. It’s coming to a close very soon… tomorrow, in fact… but there’s still time to hunt down amazing items from your favorite designers. Each prize you find will cost L$20, but is worth so very much more. You can see previews of the items and hints for the hunting HERE!

The truly lovely set pictured above is from Circa, and is like an exotic breath of spring in my snowbound world. I adore this color scheme, and the whole set makes me long for a vacation in a Mediterranean villa! And, in SL, that could actually happen! Be sure to hunt this one done asap~

Spring is almost here

I am rebuilding Kittens Heaven  (again) so beware of the floating prims!

I will blog all items here, so.. lets go!

Water Plants by Cube Republic 

Cattails – Each cluster is either 1 or 2 LI at rez scale, 12 different clusters

Iris Pseudacorus – The package comprises of 8 individual pieces. These are further split between regular and light. Light being a more pastel shade of yellow.

Frogbit – The package comprises of 18 individual arrangements. The odd numbers are without flowers, while the even named sections are with flowers.

Pond Jetty and extra Jetti by Cube Republic 

Pond Jetty – 4 LI.

Jetty – The kit comprises of 8 pieces to mix &  match. Each piece comes with both short & long legs. Land impact goes from 1 -3 at rezz size.


Hayabusa Design Box Tree NG M1 2015 by Hiroshi Seoung – Buold your own tree with this kit. The branches “moves with the wind”, changes texture via menu.

Armetias Oak VF3  by Cube Republic  – 4 Season oak, change the texture via hud.

Flower by Cube Republic 

Bloodroot  – 4 different clusters with 1  land impact each at rezz size.

Trillium – The trilliums come in three clump sizes, small, medium & large. Land impact goes from 1 – 2 at rezz size.

Orchids – The package comprises of 14 individual plants and 2 branches. Each plant is 0.5 LI, while the branch displays are 6 and 4.

Waterfall by Aki Shichiroji

House hunt prize, 20L only

Offsim mountains and waterfalls by Sominel Edelman

YOSEMITE GOLD Sim Surround Environment 5.1 – 94 land impact, change every single part of texture, so you can use it to change with seasons, fantasy sims and so on.

On Land or On Sea~

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In all my years in SL, I have yet to venture into the world of the Merfolk. But the current cycle of Genre, might just be enough to get me into the water! The vanity and seat pictured is from Circa, and is just one of the many themed items you can find at the event.

I’ve been following Circa for years, and this piece might possibly be one of my favorite things ever! I love the beautiful, carved detail on both the vanity and seat, and the seat cushion is just perfectly plush! Of course, a mermaid might find a place in her underwater boudoir for this, but it also works marvelously on land.

You have a few more days to get over to Genre, for this sweet vanity, and a variety of other mer-offerings!

Lovely Things

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I love collecting and displaying little curios and trinkets. Sometimes the items commemorate events or people or ideas that are important to me. Sometime they are just things that make me smile, or that look beautiful to me. One of the joyful things about the evolution of building technology in SL has been the ability to have beautiful little things that don’t have a land impact of 50 each!

This lovely shelf from Half-Deer inspired me to gather a few beautiful things to display and enjoy. You can get these shelves at The Chapter Four. I think the event ends soonish, so don’t delay in getting over there if you are interested in these…(perhaps to house your growing gacha collectibles??)

[ keke ] champagne bublissimo caviar RARE [The Arcade]
+Half-Deer+ A cup of spring – Floral
AF Apple Line [The Arcade]
+Half-Deer+ Lovely Things Shelf – White Dotted [The Chapter Four]
Nightingales Wallpaper ~silentsparrow~
[North West] Painting (Barraud, La Taciturne)
Sway’s Bottle Wall Vase – roses / shadow
[North West] Three Pastel Candles (blush, coral, mauve)


~See Hi-Res enlargements of pictures on my Flickr stream~

I’m not sure why I like farm animals in SL so much … but I even love them indoors! It makes me happy to see them hanging out when I log in. The centerpiece of this little tableau is the terrifically fun, newish table from Zinnia’s — chickens included! I’ve put this in the middle of my little skybox, but it would be fantastic on a porch, in a shed, or out under a big shade tree.


Zinnias Spring Chicken Garden Table
Piglet~ AAA Sculpty Creations Animals
LISP – Dinky Wash Tub – Natural
LISP – Anna Wood Basket Light
LISP Mesh – Anna Window Mirror
Mesh Braided Red Starfish Rug ~Storax Tree
Prefab: llorisen // dion skybox

Christmas Trees: some cheapies

Christmas Trees

There is no shortage of Christmas trees this year, but I thought I would feature some free or cheap ones, in different styles. First I’ll say that the bare green and snowy trees (two to the left of the pergola, one far right and a snowy one at the back) are not free: I just think they are really good quality straightforward trees: they are by Sway’s. They are copiable, so if you want a high quality Xmas tree forest they are great.

On to the cheapness. (Links/SLURLS are mostly at the end of this post)
There are two items from the Four Walls hunt (20 Linden per item), which is officially over, but when I checked just now these hunt prizes were both still there. The hunt item is a box of tree baubles. On the left is the bookshelf tree from Alouette and in the middle and (stretched very large) at the back are 3 Santa’s notes trees from Consignment. The cute natural wood Christmas tree shelf was a gift in the Sway’s advent hunt: you can only get the items free on the correct day, but she puts up previous days’ gifts for sale quite cheaply.
The two trees that look like they were cut out of wood and fitted together are meant to look like that: they are two of the 5 Linden gatcha items from Frozen Night at the RMK fair.
The deer and the decorated tree behind the bench are in the advent calendar at Storaxtree. It’s today’s free prize, and when I tried just now you could get previous days’ prizes too. The tree is really nice – fluffy and sparkly and looks good from different angles, so I bought one of the priced ones too. The deer and tree are linked (can’t be unlinked) and copiable. Finally, the dressed tree on the right is 9 Linden from ANNADMAYA’S. It is colourful and can be resized. It isn’t as gorgeous and 3D as, say, LAQ Decor tree, but on the other hand it costs 390 Linden less than the LAQ Decor one ;-)
Finally, the rustic bench was today’s advent item at Bauwerk/22769 and the Christmas pergola itself (with twinkling garland) is the 18th December gift on the Kittycats advent calendar. There are some nice gifts, and if you don’t get there on the day, you can still get all the gifts.

Sway’s advent hunt:
– Craft Tree gatcha (5 Linden) by Frozen Night here (at RMK Gothic Frost Fair):
Storaxtree here (advent cart):
Alouette (clue: it’s important to stay informed):
Consignment (clue: you’ll have to sneak around to find this one):
ANNADMAYA’S 9 Linden Christmas tree:

LISP 50 Linden

LISP 50L Friday
A quick post because this is such good value, and it’s a Friday-only thing. Several years ago I bought a collection of LISP Christmas stuff, and I’ve found that I pull out things like the cards and candle every year to dot round about the room. Today there is a big bundle going for just 50 Linden (50 Linden Friday). They also have a bundle containing some hot drinks, a stove and a screen. There are other good things this week, but the LISP deal sprung out at me. TP to LISP


See hi-res enlargements of this picture on my Flickr stream!

Happy Thanksgiving wishes to all of you! I count many blessings in my life right now, but I also hope that I can remember gratitude even when things aren’t going my way, and let things be what they are. Thank you to all my friends who have welcomed my presence back in SL, as if I’d never really been away. You all warm my heart :)

There’s no better time to come back to SL than the holidays! Be sure to check out the lovely candles and vase from Circa, at The Christmas Market. And if you have a soft spot for adorable little squirrels like these — get on over to Collabor88 before the collection changes. There are some amazing home and garden bargains this month!

[CIRCA] – “Winter Holiday” Candle Box – Snowflake Blue (at the Christmas Market)
[CIRCA] – “Winter Holiday” Modern Twig Decor Vase – Blue/Silver (at the Christmas Market)
Entryway Table C – StoraxTree Mesh
floorplan. open heart book
!Ohmai : Steampunk Albino Squirrel (at Collabor88 – Nov.)
[Noble] Always kiss me goodnight 3-D Decal

Between autumn and Christmas

Wintery scene

For personal reasons I haven’t been in SL much recently, so I am late in covering the Kawaii Mini Hunt, which, ahem, ended yesterday. This house was a hunt gift from Ls Kingdom: the creator turns out to be a relative (PrincessLeia Yoshikawa)! It includes a version with nice big tree branches round the house, but I decided to go for a wintery scene, so I used the version with the house alone. I just visited the Ls shop and the gift was still there (in a cherry blossom, fairly large – there are two blossoms/ gifts and they are in a central location).
The deer/ pines/ grass/ bench and fencing set was a group gift from Hanaya (and the items are copiable!) I bought the Priest Lamp Statue from Zun Designs by mistake (I just meant to check the price) but, hey, it’s rather nice. Other things are: Weasel from HPMD; Snowy Oak and Hawthorn Forest Grove skydome from Heart; most of the trees are also Heart (part of the set) but there is a snowy maple from Botanical and weeping willow from 3D Trees on the right; snowy path and “horry” berry bushes were part of a value snowtime pack from Kidd Creations; Japanese lanterns by Nonino; Christmas tree in sack by ADD Andel; Melrude Burial Plot by POST and within it a tear rose in orange by Forest Feast.

Ls treehouse: balcony

Paper snowflake string from What Next; Wooden deer with poinsettia tray was a group gift from Hanaya last year (I think); Winter Stool – Snowflake by sanctuaire; seed pots by Forest Feast (also Kawaii Hunt); teapot is part of a new apple set by Poche; hanging lamp by HPMD. In the passageway is a blue gas heater by +ILO+; a table by Aju.

Ls treehouse: books and food

Quite a few little items here are from the Geeks n Nerds event (which has only just started, so not too late for that!). Bookshelves by ililo (top) and Alouette (bottom); tray table by Zinnia’s; butterfly table (what I would call a gateleg table) by Kuro (the side flaps go up and down, it is so cute!); teabag set and milk cartons (on the table), sugar dispensers, and notepad set (on windowsill) by Monaya Market; Bird nerd calendar (on bookshelf) and bird nerd teacup (on tray table) by Lark (at Geeks and Nerds event); tardis pen holder (on windowsill) and geeky powersrip (under table) by Second spaces (both at Geeks and Nerds event); Princess Donut (Princess Leia lookalike) by *MishMish* (this was just the packaging! you get a holdable and display doll) (at Geeks and Nerds event); Reused school chair, hanging oil lamp and teapot by Zigana (last one is an old item, it may be in her bargain loft); Four seasons frames by Frog’s garden (Kawaii Hunt); clock by { ililo }; Apple pie set 2013, apple pancake set and smiley pumpkin set by Poche (the pumpkin is free); carved wood fox by Half Deer (I think from Arcade gatcha event); carpets by KOSH and POST; postcards created by me.

Ls treehouse: sofa corner

The sofa comes with the house. Pictures by sari sari; Winter Stool – Santa by sanctuaire; tea coaster patchwork curtain by picnic; owly bookshelf by Alouette; plushies by Silentsparrow; Accent Table – Red by KR Home; hanging elephant by Zigana; bird sculture by Zinnias; bird nerd cup and notebook (on floor) by Lark (at Geeks n Nerds). Rabbit bookshelf by Kurotsubaki, no longer available.

Ls treehouse: corners

(left) Chuvash Stool by melino Style; Vintage Hanging Flowers Picture by Pet; butterfly mobile by Awesome Blossom (no longer available). (right) Autumn branch shelf by Dysfunctional Designs; set of paintings by sari sari, money goes to Typhoon disaster relief.
This is where my house is, if you want to visit