Springtime @Pemberley House

It’s been a while since I have decorated the old hearthstone, but with the arrival of spring I decided to shoo away the drab winter and welcome in the new season.

Being a minimalist I thought it would be hard to give my home that “cozy, warm & homey” feel, but was amazed with the wonderful items I picked up from my favorite stores and wonderful things I found in hunts. The first thing I did was down sized to a smaller place, the Juniper House from Kukuvaya (Egg Hunt Item @ The Nest) was the perfect choice for me. At 115 pirms the open air, loft like build was easy to decorate and I didn’t have to make any modifications.

The first thing I needed was a sitting area for those long plurking days and blogging nights, I grabbed a cute patio set from Cheeky Peas that is available in this rounds Stumblebum. I decorated the entrance area with things from Boathouse by IzzieBellah Hinterland, if you
have not been to this store you should check out and join the group. There are some great group gifts monthly, one more thing the furniture is detailed and very prim friendly. Store is available on the marketplace!

The 60’s Armchairs & Rug set from *RnB* will be available as a gift in the upcoming “Wear Gray 2012 Hunt”. For more information about this event please click “here” and keep checking back here as I will be posting more on the charitable worthy event.

When I was looking for a cool table set for those strange days when I want to eat in S/L, I only had to take a look at my friend “B”/Bouncer Criss blog. Not to long ago B blogged an amazing mesh sofa and lamp from (here)  from Scandinavian Designs by Wipster Baxter.

I checked out the store and found an amazing dining table, picture and chairs. Its
high quality furniture at an amazingly affordable price, and best of all available on the marketplace, so shopping from your SL-Home is a breeze.

Last the bedroom was easy enough with a mish mash of things from some hunts, and recent shopping trips to pull it all together. The bed is by Lisp and with the crate table and breakfast tray for one low price of 100L! The “Thistle Love Letters Loveseat” a limited edition from Thistle Homes by Liz Gealach is the cutest find, while I am not sure it’s still available for purchase; its worth a visit to the store for other great finds.

The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.-Maya Angelou

5 thoughts on “Springtime @Pemberley House

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  2. Hi I never said thank you for blogging about my house! I am so happy to see it decorated and loved! :D

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