Deep South Homes


~See hi-res enlargements of this picture, and the ones below, on my Flickr stream~

I have the bad feeling that by the time you see this post, Collabor88-Nov will be gone, and they will be setting up for the December cycle. I think I might be a day late and dollar short this month! But please let it inspire you to watch out for the next cycle, and don’t procrastinate like I do sometimes! There is ALWAYS a great selection of high quality home and garden items, and really it should be on your monthly shopping list. If you do see an item you love and missed getting at the Collabor88, be sure to visit the designers’ stores.

One thing I DO want to tell you about is the lovely, traditional home that serves as a backdrop for these pictures. Deep South homes is not a new kid on the block, but is new to me. Designer/Builder KalEl Ur is an honest-to-God Southern gentleman, and clearly loves to bring old, traditional southern houses to life in the virtual world. The Lowry, pictured here, is his latest, and would be a beautiful addition to a traditional neighborhood. You can find him on the marketplace, or inworld — so go rez one and see for yourself!!

~Click thru to the Flickr pics to see full credits~…


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