‘Tis the season

Xmas house
I visited a couple of advent calendars to trawl some nice freebies that formed the basis of this festive post. The Kittycats advent calendar is free to all, you just click the calendar, and all the items will be available until the end of December. The Swayland advent calendar is a bit more demanding. You have firstly to hunt for 24 letters around the sim, each of which has the password for one of the days. You can only get the advent gift on the day itself, and the time is German time, not SL time. However, it is a very pretty sim to hunt round, and if you miss a gift, they are all on sale for a modest 77 Linden each. I also picked up several things from the current round of gatchas at the Arcade.
The house is ++HY’s++/Store-03*LB by Hitsu Ruby and it is in the Snowy Oak and Hawthorn Forest Grove skydome by Heart. In this first picture:
– Chair (xmas one), Christmas tree, decor (stocking, blue cat etc.), Kittycats bed and (not shown) Santa rug by Dreamscapes, Kittycats advent prize (9th Dec)
– Anna Fireplace; Presents under tree; Log basket; by LISP
– Floor Pillow [rudolph] by Sway’s, a Sway’s advent gift (now 77L)
– Christmas message board, Vintage wall decor, Angel rug, Pussy Riot poster, potted winter branches, customized vintage mirror by Mudshake (who I think disappeared for a while, but she is back!)
– Candle Lamp – snow crystal by HPMD
– Snowflakes illumination by itutu
– Lazy Sunday chair by Zigana (gatcha at The Arcade)

Xmas house: mantlepiece
– White flowers and (see previous picture) birch candles [a Sway’s advent gift, now 77L] and Christmas pyramid by Nonino
– Xmas wall mirror by Zacca, a Sway’s advent gift (now 77L)
– Anna Fireplace; Xmas decor (cards, tins, hare picture) by LISP
– Snowglobe by ADD Andel (at the Arcade)
– Fish plate by Robin Sojourner (at the Arcade)

Xmas house in the woods

Christmas gift for all people of goodwill (fir, pointsettia and candle arrangement) by 3D Trees available free on Marketplace at https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Christmas-gift-for-all-poeple-of-goodwill-COPY-MODIFY/4219809; Snowman [Flake] from Sway’s; Snow on roof and icicles from Yuki [snow] pack, bought at Poche’s smaller store (the house itself doesn’t have snow on it); Xmas tree in sack by ADD Andel

Food at Xmas

Table (includes lamp, photo frame also (not shown) cookie plate and mug) by Somnia, Kittycats advent prize; Sacher Torte (chocolate cake) by Nonino, a Sway’s advent gift (now 77L); Christmas cakes in a dome by Poche; Star ornament by Y’s House (gift last year); Box of baubles and loose baubles by Dreamscapes; Tree outside by 3D Trees; Reindeer by G. Field

Xmas house: the tranquil room

Bowl with candles etc. by Y’s House; Cushions by Trill Zapatero; Bamboo by Sway’s and Hanaya; Deer (outside) by G. Field; Snowy bamboo (outside) by Nonino; Trees (outside) by 3D Trees; Table by Sway’s, part of the Yuka set; Carpet by POST.

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